Sunday, 30 January 2011

Yussuf Jerusalem - A Heart Full Of Sorrow (2008)

French garage psych and free folk band. i like it. The vocals remind me of a harsher version of Wooden Shjips.


Brain Donor - Love, Peace & Fuck (2001)

"Power trio of singer/songwriter/guitarist Julian Cope and former Spiritualized members Doggen (guitar) and Kevlar (drums)"-

Friday, 28 January 2011

Chylde - Now It Can Be Told (2009)

"Call it what you want: “real” metal or “stoner rock” or “doom.” Whatever the proper nomenclature might be, it’s a lock that the psychedelically-tinged, smart, and virtuosic 8-song full length of unabashed heaviness is right in the path of lineage from Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, St. Vitus, Soundgarden, Kyuss, and Black Mountain." 


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Zone Six - Live Wired (2004)

"The members of ZONE SIX have one intention - to play improvised music. Founded in 1997 by Dave Schmidt and Hans-Peter Ringholz the band is wellknown now in Germany for delivering a mix of psychedelic/space, trance and kraut. Changing members and special guests is another part of the band's concept. The current line-up consists of Dave Schmidt aka SULA BASSANA (bass), Martin Schorn (synths), Julius-K (guitar) and Walt Jahn (drums). The album 'Live Wired 2004' is an excellent documentation of their live qualities. Six songs as a mix of slowtempo and mind-blowing rocking parts with a total time of 87 minutes on LP - spacy guitars with delay effects and reminiscences to Hawkwind, Pink Floyd and Man.
Recommended to fans of trippy, psych and kraut improvised rock music." - Progarchives


Bland Bladen - I Grévens Tid (2003)

"Bland Bladen are a psychedelic/space rock band that likes to jam and will appeal to fans of Hidria Spacefolk and Ozric Tentacles."


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

White Hills - Stolen Stars Left For No One (2010)

"Thrusting space rock into the 21st century and beyond, White Hills have not so much carved, but blasted out, their own niche of kraut-driven heaviness and soaring guitar acrobatics of the highest order. The band’s sonic catalogue is deep and highly sought after, every limited release selling out instantly and some recent releases going for as much as 200 dollars on venerable auction sites. Stolen Stars Left for No One is a limited edition 12” created for their upcoming tour and appearance at ATP." - Thrilljockey

Highly recommended

Karmic Society - Journey (2007)

Here is another German Gem. Rare music in terms of physical copies. Can be bought from amazon at this link
The whole album is brilliant start to finish, and you will love this if you are a fan of space, jam rock.

"In 2007 KARMIC SOCIETY released the debut album 'Journey' on the World in Sound label with self-composed songs and covers halfway through. The opener 'Raumpatrouille Orion' reworks the melody of the famous eponymous german 60s Sci-Fi series. Two long jams are also to point out whereas one is an interpretation of CAN's 'Yoo Doo Right' and with the GRATEFUL DEAD cover 'Dark star' the band notably indorses the qualities they have." - Progarchives


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Space Cossacks - Never Mind the Bolsheviks: The Best Of... (2005)

"...compilation of the best of their incredible two albums released on MuSick Records including live cuts and some unreleased studio gems." 

Highly recommeded surf-psychedelic band.


Weltraum - Magnolia (2009)

Another trippy band from Germany.  The CD says - "Weltraum is 100% improvisational"
(Ripped @320 kbps)

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Magnolia (14:48)
2. Break It (10:50)
3. Leaving Astral Airport (2:46)
4. Canalize (10:29)
5. Drunken Eagle (4:42)
6. Ufo Voices (1:29)
7. End Ending (16:37)
8. Dubrocks (7:24)

Total Time: 69:05

Trax 3&6: live @Künstlerhaus Bem Adam Soest
Trak 5: live @Jagdhütte Blumroth - attackedbythestiffgriff
Trax 2&4&8: live @Waldseetheater Freiburg
Trax 1&7: live @Minihopp-Kulturherberge Wernershöhe


Monday, 24 January 2011

The Pancakes - Volcanic Frog Island (2010)

More psychedelic goodie from Germany. Female vocal fronted psychedelic band.
"...great psych-surf-indie-rock songs with great feel and nice fuzz-tremolo guitars of guitarplayer Rainer Neeff (he also made a solo-LP!). Vocals and bass by Daniela Neeff (she also made a solo-CD) and drums by Russel Mc Swan (no soloalbum?!)." - Sulatron


Sunday, 23 January 2011

VA - Classic Rock: Trampled Underfoot - 14 Tracks Of Stampeding New Psych (2010)

Brilliant compilation by Classic Rock Magazine from UK. This was a free CD in their 151th issue. august issue? i dont quite remember

Track listing :
1) 91s - War Hammer
2) Outer Spacist - Pavilion In The Sand,Baby/I Don't Care About Love, Baby
3) Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Witches Garden
4) Black Rainbows - Under The Sun
5) Astro Defender & The Goose - Dwarf Star
6) Atomic Suplex - Atomic Suplexed By A Girl
7) Electric Moon - Gefaehrliche Planetkgirls
8) The Afghan Rugs - Sun Goddess
9) JPT Scare Band - Not My Fault
10) The Massive - God Helmet
11) Skullbot - Mindsplitting Monster
12) Captain Zapped - Touch The Sky
13) Hypnos 69 - My Journey To The Stars
14) First Band From Outer Space - Demons And Haze