Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Weltraum - Magnolia (2009)

Another trippy band from Germany.  The CD says - "Weltraum is 100% improvisational"
(Ripped @320 kbps)

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Magnolia (14:48)
2. Break It (10:50)
3. Leaving Astral Airport (2:46)
4. Canalize (10:29)
5. Drunken Eagle (4:42)
6. Ufo Voices (1:29)
7. End Ending (16:37)
8. Dubrocks (7:24)

Total Time: 69:05

Trax 3&6: live @Künstlerhaus Bem Adam Soest
Trak 5: live @Jagdhütte Blumroth - attackedbythestiffgriff
Trax 2&4&8: live @Waldseetheater Freiburg
Trax 1&7: live @Minihopp-Kulturherberge Wernershöhe



  1. Hi, could you please upload it again? There is an error in archive - track Canalize can't be extracted. Or upload just this track. Thanks!

  2. ok, it will be up by tomorrow. i have to rip the CD again.

  3. Well, it is I guess 90 % improvisation... they use to play at one of my favorite festivals....most of them are so stoned and/or on acid that they just know what tempo and scale to play...last year i enjoyed them on shrooms and it was delicious ;)

    by the way...thanks for doing this blog...just discovered...cheers

  4. hello ,
    when i unpack the file there is an error in track 4 which will not be unpacked .. :(
    could you fix that please or send the 4th track to my email (psylux@gmx.de) ?
    thanks for your work !

  5. Any chance of a re-rip, please? That 4th track still won't extract.

  6. apparently my disc has scratched so it won't rip the files appropriately. sorry. I can't listen to it on my cd player as well. I will try to find a good mp3 album copy

  7. OK, thanks for checking.

  8. hi there! its 100% improsound... i swear.
    you missed two released CDs of 2010:
    sweet valentine & feuer... magnolia is of 2009.

    we released another CD+LP called "sounds of the underground" from april 2011...

    listen and enjoy

  9. I will have to hunt them down as soon as I have enough funds. I can;t believe I missed those two albums. damn

  10. well, if you just contact me I can make you listen to a lot of stuff from this Band. They/we made like 12 unofficial Releases plus the official ones, and there will be a brandnew one coming out this autumn.. ;) cheers DNS