Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Various Artists - Phosphene River

Great set of music, sadly ruined by a non-musician who recites poems? over the instrumental music(the person who compiled the CD). What the fuck was he thinking? Please, leave the music alone and recite your poems over your own music. All the negative notes aside, the white hills and Mammatus songs are exclusive, so thanks for that.

1) Fuzzhead - Her Kind
2) Residual Echoes - Red Hills
3) Plastic Crimewave Sound - Are You A Dragon?
4) Kawabato Makoto - Heavy Is A Dynamic
5) Catacomb - Out There
6) White Hills - Potter's Field
7)  Mammatus - Sire
8) Dave Mitchell - Memoration (Remix)
9) The Heads - Mystic Healer - Less Is More


Friday, 24 June 2011

Beyond Stratosphere

A great band I found out through youtube last year. I couldn't find much info on this album. My guess is this is their compilation of unreleased songs. Full of spacey jams, with structure and not just lots of effects. There is also a sweet cover of The Doors song Love Me Two Times.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Over The Hills And Far Away

First off I want to thanks Matias from Get Off My Elevator for first introducing me to this great band. Secondly, thanks to Rand0msh1t for the digital copy of this album. My physical copy of the album is never going to arrive because I forgot to put the number of my house in the address :(

The great White Hills are joined by Shazzula from Aqua Nebula Oscillator in this album, who is responsible for those extra-terrestrial synthesiser sound. The weird thing about this album is being space rock, it indulges in earthly politics, alienisation of human sentiments through capitalism and consumerism. According to Ego Sensation, we have lost touch with ourselves finding thrill from electronic gadgets and technology, which I agree with.

The album seems to be an escape from all this mess, allowing the listener to shoot off the stratosphere into the blank realms of outer space, at least temporarily until the album lasts. Enjoy this spanking brand new album.

>>>Humongous-Pomegrante 1<<<

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm Free !!!!

Nothing to do with music or art. I just wanted to share my joy of being free from fucking college which gave me a headache for 3 fucking years. Fuck you college. So, I will be uploading music normally again (under connotative titles)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Gnod Of Approval

Brand new Gnod LP
"The record features one lengthy psych-hymn on each of its sides, a double dose trip from a band that, unsatisfied with simply pulverising brains, seems intent on making the listener lose control of all their body. ‘Tony’s First Communion’, the wonderfully titled first side, is arresting with its Faustian kick/snare/kick beat. Strangely, though, it’s those damaged Texans, the Butthole Surfers, who seem the most persuasive touchstone here. The burnt-out ambiance conjured by buried choral samples, frittering dub effects and the odd attack of trebly guitar carries the same dread as the Surfers’ gibbering ‘22 Going On 23’. Indeed, when vocalisation occurs, it’s comparable to the ‘Gibbytronix’ peppering tracks like ‘Sweat Loaf’ on Locust Abortion Technician. There’s a punk aesthetic throughout, from the cut and paste Pope-degrading cover art to the This Heat style tape loops in the mix." - The Quietus


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Black Pus - Primordial Pus (2011)

Brand new album from Brian Chippendale's (Lightning Bolt fame) Black Pus. Sonic noisy assault on your aural senses.


Friday, 10 June 2011

Oneida - Absolute II (2011)

Oneida's latest offering is as the title suggests, a change in direction from their previous release, Rated O from 2010. The band experiments with ambient/electronic music here. I don't think guitar is even used here, but it all sounds good. I hope this is just their experimental phase and they will go back to creating guitar orientated music.

Download (MU)
Download (MF)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Finnish Experimental Psych

You might have noticed band members requesting to take down some of the recent links which is why I have resorted on using WWS/Sludge Swamp style titles so only the chosen few i.e. followers of the blog will be able to download them.
"Their first CD was recorded and released in 2009 by Silakka label. The music is powerful, trashy psychedelic flow, uncompromized, sincere and powerful. Approavch is slightly similar with aggressive krautrock experintations like of early AMON DÜÜL, though better produced. Also the menacing neurotic drones of PHARAOH OVERLORD could be an association, though this group is more varying in their approach than many stoner rock groups are.
Sounds are quite dirty and there is much musical content, ranging from oppressive dark passages to more open, light and calm moments, and also from focused musical constructiveness to sincere playful dadaism. Sometimes the guitar is heavily treated with electronics, concealing the original source of sound and expanding the pallette of sound texture from classical acid rock trio sound. In addition of violent mantras there are also visits from acoustic instruments and also electronic music." - Progarchives

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kinski - Be Gentle With The Warm Turtles (2000)

Space-rocking, shoegazing, spelendid post-rock album. You will like this band if you are into Bardo Pond.