Monday, 13 June 2011

Gnod Of Approval

Brand new Gnod LP
"The record features one lengthy psych-hymn on each of its sides, a double dose trip from a band that, unsatisfied with simply pulverising brains, seems intent on making the listener lose control of all their body. ‘Tony’s First Communion’, the wonderfully titled first side, is arresting with its Faustian kick/snare/kick beat. Strangely, though, it’s those damaged Texans, the Butthole Surfers, who seem the most persuasive touchstone here. The burnt-out ambiance conjured by buried choral samples, frittering dub effects and the odd attack of trebly guitar carries the same dread as the Surfers’ gibbering ‘22 Going On 23’. Indeed, when vocalisation occurs, it’s comparable to the ‘Gibbytronix’ peppering tracks like ‘Sweat Loaf’ on Locust Abortion Technician. There’s a punk aesthetic throughout, from the cut and paste Pope-degrading cover art to the This Heat style tape loops in the mix." - The Quietus



  1. says file is temp unavailable. thanks

  2. Thank you very much man, this is awesome stuff.