Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Various Artists - Phosphene River

Great set of music, sadly ruined by a non-musician who recites poems? over the instrumental music(the person who compiled the CD). What the fuck was he thinking? Please, leave the music alone and recite your poems over your own music. All the negative notes aside, the white hills and Mammatus songs are exclusive, so thanks for that.

1) Fuzzhead - Her Kind
2) Residual Echoes - Red Hills
3) Plastic Crimewave Sound - Are You A Dragon?
4) Kawabato Makoto - Heavy Is A Dynamic
5) Catacomb - Out There
6) White Hills - Potter's Field
7)  Mammatus - Sire
8) Dave Mitchell - Memoration (Remix)
9) The Heads - Mystic Healer - Less Is More



  1. that's why I hate rapping - spoken words simply ruin any music whether it's funk, jazz or electronic etc. anyway that guy has killer taste