Saturday, 18 June 2011

Over The Hills And Far Away

First off I want to thanks Matias from Get Off My Elevator for first introducing me to this great band. Secondly, thanks to Rand0msh1t for the digital copy of this album. My physical copy of the album is never going to arrive because I forgot to put the number of my house in the address :(

The great White Hills are joined by Shazzula from Aqua Nebula Oscillator in this album, who is responsible for those extra-terrestrial synthesiser sound. The weird thing about this album is being space rock, it indulges in earthly politics, alienisation of human sentiments through capitalism and consumerism. According to Ego Sensation, we have lost touch with ourselves finding thrill from electronic gadgets and technology, which I agree with.

The album seems to be an escape from all this mess, allowing the listener to shoot off the stratosphere into the blank realms of outer space, at least temporarily until the album lasts. Enjoy this spanking brand new album.

>>>Humongous-Pomegrante 1<<<


  1. OMFG !!!! THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!
    still a long time until i have the vinyls in my hands :D
    !!!!!!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS !!!!!!!

  2. No problem Fuzz. I might have to buy the CD again, I want to blast this on my car stereo.

  3. This is a real treat, thank you and a happy solstice this week.

  4. Thanks a lot, I've been getting more and more in to white hills lately, and I also discovered that shazzula is a fellow countrywoman so I definitly have to check out this release.

  5. No, I'm from Belgium, as is she as far as the internets aren't lying.

  6. Oh, because she was in the French band Aqua Nebula Oscillator, I thought she was French.