Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm Free !!!!

Nothing to do with music or art. I just wanted to share my joy of being free from fucking college which gave me a headache for 3 fucking years. Fuck you college. So, I will be uploading music normally again (under connotative titles)


  1. Awesome dude congrats... and welcome to the rest of your life.

  2. Congratulations! I hope you're celebrating it! I'm looking forward to that moment myself! (also, this is the first time that posting a comment seems to work, was it turned off before?)

  3. Thanks, my joy will be short lived if I pass my exams as I will have to go to uni for 4 more years of mental suffering.

    @Whale, it was enabled, blogspot isn't very reliable. that's all

  4. It's weird, I tried it a couple of times, finally just thought it wasn't enabled, so let it be known that I tried to give feedback (mostly just thanking you) through comments!

    Four more years of university? This whale is confused now, I thought college was like university (probably because I have no idea how the american system works)?

    Also, can I ask what you are(are going to be) studying (I remember you saying something about art)?

    P.S.: thanks for the oneida, I'm going to check out the whole trilogy, sounds interesting.

  5. I live in england so A-level is also called college, which is just a two year course designed see if you are capable ofd handling uni courses. :P i wasted my first year of A level by failing my subjects.

    Anyway, I finished my A-level for film studies, english literature and art and i'm planning to do film production for uni. What subs are you doing?

    also thanks for the nice comment, check out spotify, oneida's complete discography is there

  6. Oh, I thought that in England, you got your A-levels at school, didn't know it was something in between.

    I'm trying to get a major in history with a minor in political and social sciences (but I'm failing due to oblomovism).

    Spotify is not available in my country (should be able to cheat it I think, I should take a look at that). In the meanwhile, I'm just going to keep downloading and buying when I like it.