Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To Blacken The Pages

I am having a bad time lately and things are not going my way so I thought this is a good track to portray my unpleasant feelings and share it with my faithful followers. :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Sun Shines Every Day

Firstly, R.I.P to Joe Yamanaka from Flowering Travellin' Band  who sadly passed away a few days ago.  May his voice and legacy be remembered by all psych fans.

Back to topic, this album, which I was highly anticipating, was leaked before it's schedule.

Link will be posted after release of the album. Message me if you are desperate

Ayahuasca Travellers

I have scoured hungrily all over the web in search of this bands albums to buy or download but have been unsuccessful. It seems they don't want people to download their songs, which is a bit weird. Considering, most bands go to great lengths promoting their band through downloads. Maybe they are not interested in fame, who knows. However, I do know for sure they create extraordinary music. If you happen to have a link for their songs, albums etc. please drop a comment.

More Here and Here

Mushroom - I Don't Remember Yesterday, Today it Rained (2011)

Seriously trippy album. A great mixture of jazz and psychedelia. More info + buying option HERE

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sapat - Mortoise And Tenon (2007)

"Sapat packs a few surprises in their grooves for those who think they already know the score. Airy and pristinely recorded in a comfortable mid-fi that’s been heretofore unknown in the annals of the label’s back catalogue,Mortise and Tenon rarely falters. Captured here is a band that understands the limitations inherent in Nth generation psych rehash, and rather than pine for a long-gone zeitgeist, these eight hunker down with a batch of supple tunes that play to admirable strengths and a keen, intuitive knowledge of how to mine a generally tapped mainline in all the right ways. Miles away from the band’s still excellent debut, Sapat’s inaugural full-length shuffles the cards and deals a hand steeped in rich tradition that never once sounds like a haphazard pastiche." - DustedReviews

Recommended by another female, a great painter, bfandreasen. Check some of here great psychedelic surreal artwork >>>here<<<


Magical Unicellular Music - Inconceivble (2009)

One long jam 40 minutes long by this Russian band. Recommended by AdfectusAffectus.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Escapade - But Distractions Abound (2006)

Repetitive psychedelic jams in the vein of Neu. The band's debut was a split album with Acid Mothers Temple, so you know they are good.
This band is one of the three amazing recommendations given to me over the past few weeks by three people with extraordinary music library. This one was by mustaba1234. Predictively, I will post the other two later