Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To Blacken The Pages

I am having a bad time lately and things are not going my way so I thought this is a good track to portray my unpleasant feelings and share it with my faithful followers. :)


  1. hi, i am not a follower public. but I know your blog since you opened it.

    always i meet very good music here!. i know should comment but i do not, because i'm very shy...

    today I write this because that I read this post. and want to tell you the bad times are shit ... but the good thing is are not eternal!

    thank you very much for sharing your music!!
    I leave you a hug and see you here or there... or somewhere in space :)

    adriana. (author of the blog "zapallo musica")
    "adrianalalala" (my nickname on last.fm) if you are user and want... let me know.

    mmm... and sorry my english is very bad

  2. Shame you are having a bad time of it. If it helps at all, the stuff you are posting is making a lot of people happy, so there is big credit in the karma bank for you.
    All things will pass.