Friday, 30 December 2011

My Brother the Wind - I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity (2011)

Well, this one whizzed past me. I was anticipating this album
 when I heard it was coming out,but then it came out
 when I was in a busy period in my life but in the end I got it before the
new year. This is modern psych of the highest order. Enjoy it and if you like it and have 
spare money then help them out by buying the record. 


  1. fixed. I'm going to stop using megaupload from now on

  2. Thanks for the fix.
    I just thought I would add my thanx for introducing me to a load of new space rock sounds this year. The ones I liked best include Haunted Leather, Vert X, Same Road, Verma and Electric Moon. I always check in to your site when I can. Keep up the good work in the new year & the best of luck with your art/film studies.
    All the best,
    Uncle Harry
    (If you don't know who uncle harry is, check out 70's acid rock band Pink Fairies.

  3. hey thanks for the good wishes. you have a good new year too. I have got one album by pink fairies, but I don;t know them enough to get the uncle harry reference :)

  4. Dude this Band it's more! Thnks!