Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Alien Planetscapes - Life On Earth (1997)

I am feeling too bored to write a review so im going to phrase some professional review instead.

"Oh man, this album bears a challenge! Unfortunately Doug Walker is not with us anymore, because he died of a heart attack in 2006.
'Life On Earth' is his sole official album, a 1997 snapshot which holds more accessible stuff and could be easily taken for a best-of collection. The band is in excellent mood here, great interaction, while I'm quite sure, this recordings are not reworked, polished or whatsoever. So what can I say about the particular instruments? Chris Altenhoff's bass is hypnotic in general, not boring though, he provides haunting repetitive lines. Blaise Slwula contrasts with his free styled quirky saxophone all over."- Prog Archives


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