Saturday, 5 February 2011

Classic Rock - Death From Above: A Rise Above Records Sampler (2011)

Picked up Classic Rock Magazine on my way to see Colour Haze, Sungrazer and Rotor. This is my favourite music magazine in UK, as they review underground metal/stoner albums in the review section and this is their (Classic Rock) second stoner compilation CD to my knowledge.

Track Listing:
1) Iron Maiden (The Original) - God Of Darkness
2) Ghost - Ritual
3) Blood Ceremony - Night Of Augury
4) Gentlemans Pistols - Living In Sin Again
5) Incredible Hog - Lame
6) Grand Magus - The Shadow Know
7) Bang - The Quee
8) Electric Wizard - Venus In Fur
9) Astra - Broken Glass
10) The Gates Of Slumber - To The Rack With Them
11) Horisont - Road To Cairo
12) Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Day After Day
13) Firebird - Soul Saviour
14) Orange Goblin - Blue Snow
15) Steel Mill - Green Eyed God



  1. Hey man, I was at the Colour Haze show and like you also love the old 70s obscure rock, check out my blog :

    That sampler is gold, I'll be seeing Incredible Hog at Roadburn this year and that Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell is a new one on me that I love! cheers, Rich.

  2. I know about your blog man, you are quite popular. I am not crazy about 60's/70's music, but i like to hear some now and then.

  3. What was the first compilation titled?

  4. the first compilation was called trampled underfoot. check it out here