Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Pocket Gods - Pondfield Solstice (2010)

"The Pocket Gods are the brainchild of Mark Lee and based in Leeds, England. This release shows a very different side of the band and one I would quite like to see again! The music is presented in 4 long tracks over 70 minutes. The title track has a very cool groove over which Mark lays down some cool psychedelic space rock guitar mixed in with some wind, synths and sounds. It also includes some spoken words about the Egyptian Gods. "The Golden Bough" begins as an acoustic folk jam of sorts with some nice piano parts. At 8 minutes it fades down into just hand drums before an organ part begins. Cool song. "John Barleycorn Blues" is next and this is not any old interpretation of the song. I really liked this track a lot with some nice slow building guitar and organ jamming. The 21 minute "Ninth Configuration" ends this pretty cool homemade CD. The guitar riff reminds me a bit of Gary Ramon (Sundial). The jam also reminds me of some of the coolest Jerry Joseph stuff but sadly, Mark never really lets it rip on the guitar solos. Again, the mid section features some spoken words, with a message perhaps?? I think this is great stuff" - Aural-Innovation


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