Saturday, 12 March 2011

The :Egocentrics - Center Of The Cyclone (2011)

 "Three dudes from Romania turn it up like Blue Cheer and swing like John Coltrane on this heavy psych instrumental masterpiece on the Nasoni label, Center of the Cyclone. Taking their sonic cues in sound from their hallowed EU brethren Colour Haze , the band navigates the most awe-inspiring peaks and valleys of jazz, spacerock, psychedelia and stoner rock with aplomb. Once the needle hits the vinyl, it’s a nonstop dazzling journey of sound. 

Not many bands can pull off the jazz approach as applied to rock n’ roll. The :Egocentrics just seem to have a knack for aural exploration - the album seems to ebb and flow in a dreamy, musical undulation. Subtle changes in rhythm and groove, even in intense uptempo numbers like “Off The Center” and “Blissful Idiot” seem loose, like they were composed effortlessly from the ether. The more chill numbers like “Intuition and Coincidence” leave you mesmerized as the band navigates the farthest reaches of musical space.. The real magic is when the band combines both heavy groove and chill hypnotica – the amazing “The Unknown Sings” and “Lost and Found”. Both remind me of the first time I heard Colour Haze’s CO2, an essential listening experience. 

Center of the Cyclone displays incredible musicianship and chemistry. The :Egocentrics are as nimble as they are diverse – able to jam it out, find a piece of the original melody and reel it back in. Great head music right here."


  1. Fantastic album! Thank you!

  2. holy shit what`s this? Romania you say? fantastic

  3. Good stuff here amigo!

    Will be checking more often!

    And absolutely love the Egocentrics!

    (ps. Their 2010 album 'Love Fear Choices And Astronauts' came in on the 11th place of the Stoner HiVe Ultimate top 20 list of 2010; deduced from 38 sent in lists...)

  4. beautifull music !!!

  5. Link ist dead