Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sehnsucht - Wachstum (2011)

Psychedelic band from Russia
 "They kick things off in splendid fashion with a monumental slab of brain melting, doom encrusted psychedelics, with the scorching, eleven minute title track. This song can be viewed as springboard for the rest of the album, and it also provides a fabulous glimpse into the abundance of talent surrounding these four young musicians. Over the course of the album the listener is treated to a wealth of densely layered textures and moody atmospherics. The rubbery sounding bass lines and vigorously, fluid drum work, collide effectively with a multitude of crunchy guitar riffs and the ever present, over the top, synth washes. When you put it all together it's an almost fifty minute, mind altering voyage to the cosmos." - Ryan Sparks


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  1. Thanks for post my album )))
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