Monday, 28 March 2011

Mount Carmel - Mount Carmel (2010)

I missed this album last year. Well, better late than never. They play hard blues with a hint of stoner rock. According to loudandquiet, Mount Carmel "...brings in a jazz-bass riff worthy of an underground 1970s blues joint", furthur in the review they are also compared to Led Zeppelin, and Wolfmother. I cannot confirm the statement as I listen to neither of those bands. Though, I can confidently say that this is good stuff. I think it is appropriate to use the phrase, "stuck in the 70s"



  1. Awesome, but could you post a 320 version please.
    Thanks alot, i liked the sula bassana and wo fat albums too.

  2. sure. will be up in two hours. But don't take my word, i'm a very lazy man.